Cryto Coding Collective


Donate your time and efforts

What CrytoCC needs most of all is people who donate their time and efforts as a contributor. You can do this as a programmer, a designer, a (vulnerability) tester, or even just as someone who has ideas. Any kind of contribution is welcome, and you are welcome to just hang around until you see something you want to help with - there is no expected minimal contribution, and everyone is treated with respect, regardless of how much they contribute.

Donate your storage space

If you have spare space - even if it's just a few gigabytes - on a server that has a fast connection, then we would very much appreciate donating storage space to the Tahoe-LAFS storage grid. Any server with a reliable connection of at least 20mbit (or, in the case of locations like Australia, 10mbit) is welcome. Please do not connect servers to the storage grid that are either on a home (DSL) line or not online at all times - this way the storage grid stays speedy and reliable. As a contributor you are of course always welcome to connect as a non-storage client, regardless of your connection. Send joepie91 a PM on IRC for more information on how to connect to the storage grid.

Donate your computing power

If you have a server on a fast connection with spare computing power, this could be used in the future for a media encoding grid. Currently we do not have anything like that running yet, but it's something that will be worked on in the future. It would be very much appreciated if you could drop joepie91 a line on IRC so that we are aware you can offer computing power when the need arises.

Financial donations

Finally, financial donations are also very much appreciated. Currently we are working on gathering some donations to fund a dedicated shell/storage/private VPN server, and funding is always welcome to cover costs of other servers. We currently accept Bitcoin, Flattr, and PayPal.

Bitcoin address: 1BVPQttE4L5JJvCB33hmcBCxGBt7HhWwAX