Instructions for creating subwikis

Anyone that is working on something constructive, is free to create a subwiki on the CrytoCC wiki, where they can place their own wiki pages and articles. Examples of projects you could create a subwiki for are:

  • Research projects
  • Your own development collective
  • A (constructive) activist group or movement
  • Translation projects
  • etc.

How to create your own subwiki

To create a new page, you can use the normal DokuWiki page title syntax, which is namespace:namespace:pagename. Any namespaces in your page title that do not yet exist, will be automatically created. Do keep in mind that your subwiki has to be in the subwiki namespace, which means your page title has to start with subwiki:wikiname:, where wikiname is the name of your subwiki. It is advised to name the initial wiki page start.


If you want to create a subwiki named researchproject, and want to start out with an initial page, enter subwiki:researchproject:start in the search box in the sidebar. If the page already exists, someone else has created a subwiki with that name and you should pick a different name. If it does not exist yet, you can use it, and you can click Create this page at the very top of the page. Enter some contents to start with, and Save it. Congratulations, you have now created your first subwiki page! All wiki pages in this subwiki that you want to create in the future, will have to start with subwiki:researchproject:, followed by the page name. You can create namespaces within your subwiki to further organize your pages.


  • Do not create subwikis for things that could get us in trouble. If your subwiki is going to attract DDoS or abuse complaints (this includes DMCA), this is probably not the right place for it.
  • Keep your subwiki pages within your own subwiki, don't create wiki pages without any defined namespaces (also known as the root namespace).
  • There are no limits to how many pages or namespaces you create or how many media files you upload, but please keep at least the amount of media files reasonable. While there is plenty of storage space, you probably shouldn't be uploading your collection of HD holiday pictures here.
  • If you do not comply with these few rules, your subwiki (or pages on it) may be deleted.


  • Page and namespace titles can only contain lowercase characters and underscores. Any other characters will automatically be converted into underscores or the lowercase equivalent.
  • A title can not be a page and a namespace at the same time. If you create a page and a namespace with the same title, they will show up as two separate items. If you want to have an introductory page for a namespace, it's best to add a page named start inside the namespace and link to that.
  • You will not have administrator rights on the wiki - you will have the same access privileges as other users. On request, we can create a usergroup and assign users for you to restrict editing on certain pages.
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