Cryto Tahoe-LAFS Storage Grid information

Tahoe-LAFS is a secure and fault-tolerant storage platform. The Cryto Coding Collective runs a storage grid targeted towards developers, that is free for non-profit use, including storage of user data (for for example web projects). The CrytoCC storage grid consists of CrytoCC nodes and third party nodes that donate storage space to the storage grid.


If you have a (virtual) server with spare disk space and traffic, a contribution towards the CrytoCC storage grid would be very much appreciated. Tahoe-LAFS requires only about 70MB of RAM, so it should even be possible to run it on very low-end VPSes. Contributors are also welcome to use the storage grid for non-profit purposes or (within reason) for personal use; please do not, however, upload and share warez or other things that can get us in trouble. To contribute your storage space (setting up only takes a few minutes), please contact joepie91 on IRC. Note that we do require a minimum upload and download speed of 20mbps (in Europe, US, etc) or 10mbps (in Australia, New Zealand, etc.) to keep the storage grid zippy. Also, servers will have to be (theoretically) available 24/7. While outages are not a problem, please don't try to hook up your home PC that's only turned on in the evenings. Note: the storage space you offer does not have to be permanently available, as the grid can cope with disappearing servers. A contribution is welcome even if just for a few weeks or months.

Introducer node

Contact joepie91 if you need the introducer FURL.

HTTP gateways

The main HTTP gateway is currently reachable from, and the I2P gateway is intermittently reachable through http://cryto-gateway.i2p/.

Storage space

The current amount of total storage space is about 3.5TB. Please do keep in mind that the total usable space depends on your share settings, and that a large part of this space is offered by a few nodes, which means less space is available to you than expected if you require a high number of servers to store shares on.

Uploading scripts

More information about the Cryto Tahoe-LAFS uploading scripts can be found here.

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