Cryto VPS list (this needs a better name)

What is it?

The Cryto VPS list is basically a comparison table for VPS providers, giving an overview of VPS plan specifications, prices, and properties like IPv4/IPv6 connectivity or allowing IRC. It allows filtering by specifications as well as a text search, and users (or VPS providers) can submit additional information themselves.

Currently implemented

  • Table with specifications
  • Range filtering
    • Guaranteed RAM
    • Burstable RAM
    • Disk space
    • Bandwidth
    • Traffic
    • CPU cores
    • Free backup space
    • Price
  • Showing additional information for VPS plans
    • IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
    • IRC allowed
    • Shared/Dedicated CPU cores
    • Overage billing (automated billing for using more traffic than allocated, as opposed to temporary suspension/nullrouting)
    • Free DNS hosting offered
    • Virtualization platform
  • Text search
  • No referral links or ads :)
  • First user submission page (bit rough around the edges):

Coming soon

  • Proper user submission of providers and plans, plus corrections on existing entries
  • Sorting
  • Display of more information
    • Server locations
    • Accepted payment methods
    • Automatic RDNS (hidden by default)
  • Filtering by additional information
    • IRC allowed
    • IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
    • Overage billing
    • Free DNS
    • Shared/Dedicated CPU cores
    • Virtualization platform
    • Payment methods
    • Server locations
    • Automatic RDNS

Long(er) term to-do list

  • More information about providers
  • Ratings
  • Discount codes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Display of prices adjusted for a selected billing interval
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