tahoe.sh is a bash script for uploading files directly to the CrytoCC storage grid from a terminal, using the local web API. This script requires url.py for turning readcaps into public gateway URLs. To upload files to a Tahoe-LAFS storage grid and return the read URI directly, rather than a gateway URL, edit the script to output the contents of the CAP variable, rather than running url.py.



Download both tahoe.sh and url.py. Go to the local Tahoe-LAFS web API at http://localhost:3456/ and create a new directory. Go to the 'More info on this directory' page and copy the 'Directory writecap' into the URI variable in tahoe.sh. All files you upload will now be placed into this directory. Run './tahoe.sh' to view usage instructions.


Version Changes
  • No longer uses a temp file
  • 'filename' parameter is now optional (if not given, it will be derived from the original filename)
  • No longer runs url.py when the upload fails.

Current version

Older versions

Version Download
1.0 from Cryto Storage Grid
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