IRC server information

All servers offer regular connections on port 6667, as well as SSL connections on port 6697. An I2P tunnel is planned to be added soon. If you are behind a firewall that only allows HTTP/HTTPS ports, you can use the leaf.

Hostname Provider Location Notes Connects you to a random IRC leaf. Connects you to a random IPv6 leaf. Use this if you want to force a connection over IPv6. BlueVM Chicago, United States RAM Host Atlanta, United States RAM Host Kansas City, United States VPS-Forge Falkenstein, Germany Inception Hosting Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands XenVZ Maidenhead, United Kingdom IPXCore Phoenix, United States Additionally accepts regular connections on port 80, and SSL connections on port 443, for the purpose of circumventing firewall restrictions.

The Cryto IRC network uses UnrealIRCd and Atheme services.

Network rules

The Cryto IRC network has unusually flexible and relaxed guidelines, that most of all serve to preserve the freedom of the users. No, seriously, we just provide the infrastructure and refrain from interfering unless we have a good reason. Read the Cryto IRC network rules and guidelines page for a more specific explanation.

Connection policy

We do not employ any DNSBL filtering; TOR/VPN/proxy users are welcome on all servers. We have opted to put more effort into manual moderation instead, to leave space for users that do not wish to reveal their identity, and so far this has been working well. In the future we may add an option for channel owners to disallow users that are on a DNSBL. We do not employ any country-based filtering. Every ban on the Cryto IRC network is a result of abusive client behaviour. We do request that you join a channel after connecting, to make our job of preventing botfloods easier. Clients that do not join a channel may be sajoined to #idle.


We run qwebirc as a Web-IRC client, and use as a frontend. Web-IRC URLs are in the format, where channel is the desired initial channel without the hash character, and nickname is an optional argument to define a suggested nickname (use @ to indicate a random digit).


URL Result The initial channel will be #crytocc. The initial channel will be #crytocc, and the suggested username will be webuser followed by two random digits.
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