Currently active projects

  • CVM: Open-source VPS management panel.
  • Anontune: An open fault-tolerant music platform
  • VoxPopuli: Encryption for IRC.
  • The Open Media Project: A web cinema for freely distributable movies, series, and documentaries.

Useful stuff

Welcome to the Cryto Coding Collective wiki!

The best way to browse this wiki is by following the sitemap navigation in the sidebar. Alternatively, have a look at the following pages.

Want to know more about who we are?

We are basically a non-profit open-source development collective - in every sense of the word. Have a read over at our about page for more information about who we are, what we do, and what we offer.

Looking for Cryto Coding Collective projects?

Some of the projects that already have wiki pages, are the Tahoe-LAFS tools (,, repair.php), JSDE, The BELLA Relay Project,, putlocker-vlc, The Open Media Project, Cryto Books and Anontune. More projects will be added at a later point.

Looking for guides?

We have written some guides ourselves, such as an install guide for Tahoe-LAFS on Debian (abridged version). We also keep a list of guides on other websites that may be of use to developers. For example, if you work with Python, you might find some use for guides on the basics, networking, notifications, packaging, or GTK. If you're interested in information about source control platforms, we keep references to some comparisons.

Looking for datasets?

We also keep track of some useful (externally provided) datasets, such as a list of countries or US states.

Looking for other tools?

We have some wiki pages on tools for Python packaging, IRC bot frameworks, as well as jQuery plugins for table/dataset handling. More to come.

Want to contribute?

You are free to contribute to the CrytoCC wiki. Editing does not require registration, just make sure that you put pages in a sensible namespace, and that you use any existing pages where possible and sensible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on IRC.

Want your own subwiki?

If you are working on something constructive that needs its own wiki (namespace), such as a research project or your own group or collective, you are free to create a namespace in the subwiki namespace where you can place your own wiki pages. It's recommended to name the initial page for your subwiki start. You can find more information and important instructions here.

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